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Thursday, February 28, 2008

I am "Pregnant"... With Hawaii 70.3!!

(This is a picture of me pregnant with Gracie. I was 6 months pregnant with a 7 month old!! So no comments on how big I was :) No... look at that adorable bald head.. Ah... it's not good for me to look at pictures like this! 2 kiddos is PLENTY for me :)

That's right!! This is my NEW perspective!!

Those of you who read a bunch of the other blogs that I read, know that Food has been a very popular topic these past few days.

As women, as athletes... it's on our minds A LOT! At least the women I know.

I lost a lot of weight about 9 years ago and have been fascinated/ scared of nutrition ever since. The information is EXTREMELY conflicting... though it also seems so common sense!

I've been approached by a lot of people for nutrition guidance. I've asked a lot of people about nutrition guidance for myself. It's a topic that at least for ME is on my mind!

Why... because I LOVE food. I enjoy it in social circles. I enjoy it for special occasions. Special treats. I am NOT one to eat simply for fuel.

However, I've written about moderation. Try to practice it to the best of my ability my goodness!!

BUT... Here's the thing... I knew yesterday that OK, Though I wanted to do the best I could at Florida... Hawaii is a MUCH bigger deal to me. Probably because this is not an everyday occurrence. Probably because I know that Hawaii is going to be even HARDER and that means I've got to be even that much more prepared!

So... I want to be in TOP shape. Bring my total A-Game!! And that means not only do I need to execute every workout as planned, that means I need to turn myself into a complete and total TRIATHLON MACHINE!!

When a woman finds out she's pregnant, something just sets off that you want to do everything right for your body and the body of your unborn child. You read about how you need extra protein for brain development. You up your folic acid intake to help with the child's development. You avoid some of your favorite things... Diet Coke :), coffee, certain herbs and herbal teas, etc. I used to even cover my nose if I got around someone smoking!! :)

Ok.. so if I can completely focus on nutrition and what I put into my body for 9 months in order to have a beautiful, healthy baby... I can do the exact same for 3 months heading into my A-race. My "new baby" triathlon.

So from this point forward... I am considering myself Pregnant with Hawaii!! And thanks to Bree, and all her juice posts... I'm going tomorrow to buy a juicer! Adam thinks I'm crazy. He says anyone that buys one of those things never uses them. Well that's all I need because I'll use it just to spite him if need be! :)

Now does this mean ZERO treats... no, BUT the next 3 months are going to be 90% fresh fruits, veggies, veggie and fruit juices, lean protein, whole grains, and all natural GOOD stuff!!

Happy, Healthy eating to you all!!
K :)


Wes said...

You said it here! Let it be written, let it be done...

kerrie said...

um, did i read that right? 6 months pregnant with a 7 month old? oh my......that's basically twins:), no wonder you're done!!

Beth said...

I'm really excited for you Kellye!! You ARE going to be a triathlon machine! I like your plan - 90% fresh, healthy, lean meats and whole grains and that leaves a little room for fun. :) Watch out Hawaii!!

Pedergraham said...

I think you look great in that photo--your hair has that healthy pregnant look--and I like the curls on you!!!

Am already excited to be virtually cheering for you and Bree at Honu.

Anonymous said...

Pregnant with Hawaii 70.3, I LOVE it! Great way of looking at it! Sometimes we all just need a little motivation (signing up for a big race) to help us focus, focus, focus. Good luck with the eating and the diet coke (or is it diet Pepsi)!!

You and Bree are going to have a HUGE virtual cheering crowd behind you all the way!!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. That juicer whould help with all that healthy eating!!!

Brooke Myers said...

Hawaii here you come - yippy!!!
and you will def. use the juicer...
I do everyday without a doubt...

YOU will be rough and tough and a triathlon mama racing machine in no time.....

BreeWee said...

YAY! Kel, I am so serious, the juicer is so much fun, even your kids will love it! We use ours everyday, sometimes a few times a day! NO JOKE! It is so easy to drink a huge glass of veggies then chow 25 salads a day... it is so much fun to create mixtures too & I don't know about you but there are some GROSS veggies out there & I avoid them even though they have good stuff in them... so I buy the gross veggies and mix them with good ones & drink it!
Okay, some of the crap we eat has the nutritional value of toilet paper... honest! Coffee, coke, sugar to name a few. I think it might even be better to eat toilet paper! I think what you are doing it really brave and & really cool!!! I also think you can do it! 3 months isn't that long, then at the finish line I can be waiting for you with whatever you want that you gave up!
Okay, I have one of the BEST deserts ever... it taste like an almond joy bar... I eat like 2 a day, but NO sugar and so good for you! I can email you the EASY recipe if you want...
Hawaii 70.3 LOOK OUT!
ps, how in the world did you handle pregnancy and a baby!? If you can do that you can handle less toilet paper eating... ha ha!