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Sunday, April 26, 2009

To busy to Blog! :)

Party Central!

That is pretty much what we’ve been up to lately! PARTY and Baseball games!

My little man turned 6 on April 13th! I can’t believe it. He’s like… a kid. I don’t have babies or toddlers anymore. And I’m so proud of him too! He’s such an adorable, sweet and wonderful kid of course!

So we celebrated BAKUGAN style! After finishing a long brick, I hurry home to immediately shower and greet 6 of Cooper and Gracie’s friends to head to the bowling alley!

Isn't he cute!! :)

Gracie bowling "Gracie" style!

That was Cooper’s request! A Bakugan party at the bowling alley. So we had a total of 8 kids. We played 2 bowling games, ate pizza and ate a Bakugan cake that I had made. I used the mold that you can use to decorate baseballs or basketballs, etc. Figured a Bakugan could work as well. It is honestly nothing exciting. They always look so much better in my head! Ha!

The kids had a lot of fun though and then we came home to open presents and send everyone home to hurry to bed before the Easter Bunny came hopping by!

He was a very good Bunny to all of us!

Of course we finished the day with an Egg hunt.

Back to school from a relatively relaxing Spring Break on Monday, and I forget the cupcakes for his ACTUAL birthday!

So, I said no worries. I’ll bring them in on Tuesday. Worked out anyways as he wanted the “grocery store style” cupcakes! You know, the ones with the air brushing and little decorative rings on it and such. And since Publix was closed on Easter, I wouldn’t have been able to get them anyways. So I went to pick some up Monday evening for Tuesday and they STILL don’t have any! Birthday cupcakes are apparently a second priority to all of the Easter baking they do and they hadn’t gotten caught back up yet. So I placed an order, and even got the opportunity to customize them and agreed to pick them up first thing this morning at 7am right before I headed to work. (BTW… I’ve been teaching at Cooper’s school lately, so I was kind of on a tight schedule!) Well, after having paid for them and my BODC of course, I’m holding the 24 cupcakes when the lid to the Diet Coke collapses causing the drink to spill all over the place and 12 of the cupcakes to go crashing to the floor! Standing there almost in tears, the very nice manager of Publix assures me not to worry as they can fix them in like 10 min. Well, I didn’t have even 10 min. So, he went WAY over and beyond and actually offered to bring them to school for me. It’s only like 3 min away, but still. I was like, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! And cupcake catastrophe was diverted!

Good thing as it turned out very nicely!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Funny Video!

This made me smile today! Maybe it will you too!!


I couldn't figure out how to actually put it on my page from photobucket. If anyone knows, please feel free to share! :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Craziness that is Life!

Spring is always a hectic time for most of us! The weather begins to warm-up. We're all anxious to get back outside after being couped up for so long and plans start popping up everywhere!

For us at the Mills' house, Spring means birthday's, baseball, recitals, school parties, more outdoor training, golf, trying to keep my dogs entertained, spring cleaning, and the inevitable... Allergy related sickness!

I give Coach Jen a hard time for growing up in crazy cold Chicago and then choosing to live there as an adult. However, I grew up in Atlanta and have always had HORRIBLE allergies! I've had 4 different sinus/allergy related surgeries and now as an adult that has developed into asthma. I don't go anywhere this time of year without my inhaler, yet I CHOOSE to live here! :) Yet I always question why when I get hit with this sinus infection/asthma illness that literally knocks me out for 4-7 days at a time as if I had the flu! Ahh!

So so far this year, 2009 has really sucked! I've been sick now 3 times. I went on the pill at the beginning of the year that literally made me crazy and that set me back for about 6 weeks! (Sorry, maybe a little too much information! :) I've lost my dad. I've really been trying to grow my coaching business. I've went back to work teaching to make extra money, and I've been going back to school to renew my certificate. When you write it all out on paper like that, I'm like... hmmm no wonder my own training has been pretty much in the tube ever since Clearwater! I think I'm in the worst shape since I was overweight in college!

But I am signed up for 2 ironmans!! Thank goodness they're later season Ironman's or otherwise, I might be calling the Ironman corporation to see what the refund policy is! :) ha ha!

But, as I was sitting around on Saturday starting to feel sorry for myself to be in such a slump, I thought about ok, what could I do to help myself, what I needed to just get over so that I could move on, and it reminded me of the serenity prayer...

"God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. "

I can not change the fact that I'm sick. The fact that I'm not where I wanted to be physically right now. The fact that I had to loose my Dad. Those are things that I simply must accept.

However, I can control somethings about my life. Like my attitude in dealing with all of these things. I can control the way I eat. The better I eat, the better I will feel and hopefully that will help prevent any further illnesses. Things such as this.

So, I'm writing off the first quarter of 2009 and moving on. It's not too late... It's just life. And we'll all make it through somehow. :) Life will settle down, and I'll find my "zone" once again. One step at a time.... So April 6-12th... here I come!!