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Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Coming Down a Bit"

That is the stage in which I am in... "Coming Down a Bit." It is what was written as one of my goals for training peaks! The tapering part of training is always a weird time for me. It's generally a conglomeration of mixed emotions.

Relief: Ahh... the end is in sight! No matter what your training has been like, you are almost done, and that is a good feeling!

Tiredness: Hopefully, you've been training hard and you've reached the point where you've pushed as hard as you should before heading into your race. You're physically, mentally, and emotionally tapped out!

Off!: This is the feeling I hate the most! :) During this time, I just don't feel quite right, and that is totally normal. My body has been going, going, going, and now...not so much anymore. I'm sure this effects people differently, but for me... I feel fidgety, tired, kind of bored, and basically a little lost.

Cranky!!: As my body slowly rebuilds itself and works it's way back to "normalizing :)" I loose the ability for all patience! It's like my body itself requires all of my patience in the rebuilding process and leave none for my mental status!! So watch out world!! I haven't even hit the REAL taper, and have 2 more weeks to go! Don't mess with me. :)

Worry: Oh... this is a tough one. How will I do? Have I done enough? What if...this? What if... that? This is generally easier when training has gone really well. But, when there's been set-back after set-back, my worry can really get to me. I know it's normal, and I'm determined to spend the next 2 1/2 weeks working on that confidence level! Here's one of my confidence boosters...! You know how they say that if it rains on your wedding day that is actually good luck? Well maybe if training's been rough, the race will miraculously go well!! We'll see how that works out! :)
Another confidence builder...

Look at those adorably, exhausted faces!! They worked soooo hard on their Fun Run! 35 laps, whatever they = out to, I have no idea. Gracie only did 19 because then she got "too sweaty," but Cooper really pushed it out to finish right in time! Here's a video of it. You can't really tell what's happening until the very end, but he got his 35th lap right at the end of the 10 sec. countdown! I was a very proud mom. :)

And honestly, there are a million other emotions/ strange thoughts that flash through my head throughout the day! But, so far common sense is pulling through. I keep telling myself what I would say to me if I were one of my athletes! Why is it so hard to take your own advise sometimes? :)
I'll hopefully keep you posted on how it goes along! ;)


Monday, August 17, 2009

One Month Later... :)

Ok... I keep saying that I'm going to get back into the groove of blogging, and then before I know it, a months gone by! :)

It's been a busy month...

We're back in school!! And my baby is in Kindergarten. I can't believe it. It truly was bitter-sweet. I was soooo ready for school to start! The kids were bored all summer despite whatever I tried to do. I swear, school is so busy and organized these days, I don't think these little kids know how to just go outside and play for more than 20 minutes or entertain themselves. It wasn't just my kids. Every kid in the neighborhood seemed like they didn't know what to do with themselves this summer! :) But, when I finally took them back... I was sad...:( She was fine! "Bye mom!" And I was like, ok... see you later. Now, I was the one left not knowing exactly what to do with myself! :)
The block at my house eating Spaghetti!

Gracie finishing her back to school shopping!

But school is going well! Cooper is a big man in First Grade and Gracie is enjoying her teacher and new friends in K.

My babies' first day of school!

I had another birthday... 31! Wow... the years just keep adding up!

Training wise... it's coming a long. I have my LAST long run of 3 hours tomorrow!! The last time I attempted 3 hours, it didn't go so well. 2 hours in, I got to feeling really bad in the August Georgia weather. It was like 95 and sweltering! I got dizzy and nauseous and started feeling those first signs of heat stroke and ended up calling it a day at 2:20. Came home feeling disappointed of course and decided I'd turn it into a double and do the remaining 40 min that night. Well, I had a tri meeting that night that I was leading and got home later than I had expected of course. But I was bound and determined to finish that run and headed out the door at 9pm for my 40 min pace finish! 20 min in I was feeling good, legs were there, my pace was right where it needed to be and it started POURING! I typically have no problems with running in the rain... AS long as I have on a hat. :) If I have a hat on to keep the rain out of my face, I'm good. Well of course I didn't that night because I wasn't expecting the rain, but even THEN... I was trucking along happy that the run was going so well. With 5 min to go, I ended up going being challenged by a rock and well... the rock won. Tripped right over it and twisted my ankle and walked disheartedly home in the pouring rain. :)

My awesome post-ankle sprain footwear! Fortunately, I didn't have to wear it long. :)

Fortunately, it wasn't that bad. A week's worth of some TLC and it was headed back to normal. Didn't put TOO much of a cramp in my training either, so I guess I was lucky when you think back on it, but I was truly ticked at the time! Aren't you supposed to be rewarded for getting back out there and finishing what you started???

I have some thoughts about that I'll share in my next post, which will hopefully not be more than a week away! :)

Until next time, wish me luck that this 3 hour run tomorrow gets done all at one time!! :)