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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chuck Norris Contest!

Adam recently submitted a Chuck Norris joke to a triathlon website: everymantri.com

One of his was chosen in the top 10 and you can go online and vote for your favorite!

If he wins... we'll get a cool box of Clif Bar stuff, so we'd love your support in voting!

Go to the website: http://www.everymantri.com/

Scroll down the blog until you see the Chuck Norris competition.

Click on the link to the Top 10. Adam's is:

"Chuck Norris is allowed to buy "Finishers" merchandise before the race."

I think it's hilarious because if you've done an Ironman or 70.3 race where you can buy Finisher's merchandise, the athletes go CRAZY over that stuff! So anyways.

We'd love your support, and hopefully, you'll think it's the funniest too!

Thanks guys!

Monday, February 1, 2010


The Little Peanut that's contributing to knocking me completely off of my feet! :)

In my trying to not be such a blogger-slacker... I realized I needed to give an update!

Not too much has been going on lately. I'm in the "boring" phase of pregnancy as I've heard some put it. The second trimester where not too much is going on. "Fortunately" for me, my hormones are keeping me plenty busy! :) My latest developments.... Now that I'm no longer nausea non-stop but only occasionally, I find myself barely able to brush my teeth though. For some reason, that triggers something in me, and I find myself throwing up or dry-heaving twice a day. The other day, it was so bad... I broke blood vessels in my face! I've done that once before while pregnant with Cooper. Maybe it's because you have more blood volume while pregnant? I don't know, but I walked around for 2 days with little red dots all over my face and an almost black eye! Lovely! :)

I've also developed an UTI which sent me to the Dr. this morning for more meds. Fun, Fun!!

That brings me to another topic I was thinking about the other day... Disgust Tolerance! Between having children, raising children, and being a triathlete, I think mine has gotten pretty high. :) I mean we all know pregnancy and child birth, though "beautiful" can be rather disgusting. And if you are a mom out there, you don't need me to tell you all the wonderfully disgusting and disturbing things children allow us to experience. But what's funny is I was thinking about how truly gross being a triathlete can be too!

In the training and racing experiences, I actually remember the day I blew my first snot-rocket while on the bike! It was a proud moment. Ha ha!! And gosh, Ironman racing lets you experience everything from pucking your guts out to only start running again, to learning to pee on yourself so you don't have to get off the bike, to all sorts of lovely, "I will never wear these pants or shoes again!" moments! :)

On a more pleasant note... :)

This weekend Adam and I took a "stay-cation." We got one of my favorite sitters, Cara, and then booked a hotel room in Alpharetta, which is around 30 min. from here. It was to just get away for the night without the temptation to do stuff at home. We spent the afternoon just relaxing in our room enjoying some quiet time. Then dinner, a movie, and an early bedtime later, and by lunch time the next day, we were feeling a little more refreshed and ready to take on the shortest, yet dullest months of the year.

Tomorrow is Groundhog's Day! Adam's favorite celebration, so lets hope he calls for an early Spring for us all, and happy celebrations all around!