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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cleaning Out the Cobwebs!!

Well... though it may not feel like it outside, Spring is nearly approaching!! Spring in Georgia is actually kind of strange. March and April will have spurts where it will be REALLY cold, and there will be times where it could be REALLY hot. Since Cooper and Gracie both have birthday's in March and April, it makes planning birthday parties a little more complicated.

Considering they're so close together, they pretty much have the same little friends, and they're not old enough to know any better :), we tend to have combo parties... at least for now (well except for their first birthday's of course)! Last year I planned a party for the first week in April (midway between their birthdays), and it just so happened that that Sunday we had an ice storm! When we rescheduled for the next weekend or two, it was back in the 80's!!

So you never really know what to expect during those months!

However, as it turns out... I got a head start on my Spring Cleaning this year! I can't believe it, but we found a mouse in our house!!!!!!!!

I know.... I about died!!

I've never seen one outside of a glass box before, and needless to say, I WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT!!

Now... I know what you're thinking... "EW... What kind of filth do they live in :) !!

NOOO... I am a professed clean freak! To the point that I have to make the effort NOT to clean so much! Give me a vacuum cleaner, and I can go all day!!!

So.. the mouse brought out the best of my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!

We're pretty sure he came in with some firewood. Usually, we bring it in one piece at a time, but when it got really cold recently, Adam brought in an entire bag. Well he was first spotted over near the bag and fireplace and made a bolt for the office! I went to Publix and bought a Mouse Catcher KIT!! This bad boy was loaded with like 12 different kinds of traps!!

Now, I must say... here is where the conflict came in. As much as it was freaking me out that this horrible thing was in MY house, I felt bad for him! I figured he was scared and freaking out too because he ended up in the wrong place!! Damn that Disney for making these little rodents seem so nice!! Adam was like, "Kellye, get a grip! It's a RODENT!!" I know, and as much as I didn't want him to die a horrible death, I wanted 100 x more for him to be out of my house!!

Well, I went to feed Rocky the other evening from my PANTRY nonetheless, and what do I see but the little furry thing scurrying away!! I SCREAM of course, and Adam immediately sets into motion. Ok... so how in the world do you catch a MOVING mouse!! We didn't want to lose him again.

Shop Vac!! We'll suck him up!! Ok... that didn't exactly work :)

Fortunately, he bolted into my laundry room and we locked him in there. We put tape under the door and sealed him in there with EVERY ONE of the traps!!

I figured he was scared. Rattled by his almost sudden fate with the suction vac!! So, we knew he'd probably lay low until things got quite.

Sure enough... come morning he was caught. In a glue trap!! This is the first mouse Adam and I have ever encountered, so we weren't really sure what to expect. Well thank goodness I was at Swim practice, because Adam "took care of the situation" while I was gone.

Ughhh!!! What a horrific situation!! I can NOT explain to you the anxiety level this caused me this weekend!! Between this horribly disgusting visitor spreading god knows what through my house, and dealing with this poor creature's not meaning to be disgusting's horrific death... all I have to say is at Physical Therapy last night they said my jaw was locked up and asked me if I'd been stressed????? Uh, yeah... A LITTLE!! :)

So.. the only good that came from it... My laundry room, pantries, floors, house..... SPOTLESS!!

I have disinfected, sanitized, washed, and scrubbed everything that the mouse could have POSSIBLY come into contact with AND everything that we could have touched after touching something that the mouse may have touched!! By now.. my house could be considered one of those bubbles that has to be 100% sanitized for people to survive in!! :)

I guess it goes with the theme lately of my recent goals: GET GOING, GOING, GOING!!! HARD CORE!!

So keeping the moment alive... I am so fortunate enough to say that I have the WONDERFUL opportunity to come aboard with Jen Harrison as my new coach! She's been so sweet and supportive to me as a friend in my blog world, and now she's going to take it one step further and "CLEAN OUT MY COBWEBS!!"

I am seriously VERY excited about the opportunity! Jen has SO much energy, it's impossible not to feed off of it :) PLUS... I think she's going to force me into my hurt zone... LIKE IT OR NOT!! :)

So here's to cleaning our houses, finances, cars, athletic careers, or anything else you need to get back into gear for the upcoming Spring/Summer season!

Happy Cleaning to you all!


Wes said...

Those little suckers can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime :-) I applaud you for your concern at its well being, but they really do carry things we don't want near the kiddos! Y'all did the right thing!!

Congrats on the new coach!!!

Lauren said...

You should try a garage that four boys live out of (since all of their 'equipment' is there that they need for day to day activities...you know, baseball bats, tents, soccer balls, hatchets, axes...)that leads directly into the laundry room...and four boys with a penchant for leaving the laundry room & garage doors open. EEK. I feel your pain.

BreeWee said...

Okay, about the cobwebs & cleaning... good for you... I try to be a clean freak but I am not-so-good...
NOW ABOUT JEN! That is so cool... that means you will get better and you get Marit for a teammate! I am so stoked for you!
I hope Jen writes stories about you on her blog and I hope she makes you hurt...way to go!

Steve Stenzel said...

We had a little, stinkin mouse a few weeks ago. THANKFULLY, one of our cats munched it down...

Mel said...

OOOOOOOOOHHHHH...I am so afraid of mice....seriously...one chased me before...I think that is why I will ALWAYS have cats...so I won't have to deal with the little scaries :)

Yeah for Coach Jen...she seems to be always on top of things and a very motivator (is that a word)!!!

Pedergraham said...

The mouse wanted an invite to the big spring b-day party!
Yes, you need to borrow Marit's cat!
Good for you on the new coach. Can't wait to hear some more great Coach Jen stories.

Ryan said...

I thought you are from Ga?

The way to deal with a mouse to grab the shotgun from truck, and go a huntin', right?

Kids, if'n I say duck, y'all betta duck real fast b'cuz mama's huntin a varmit!

Sorry, I couldn't resist southern humor.

I am on the verge of hiring a coach , let me know how it's going.

Good Training!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Yea - Tabbitha and her 18.2 pounds of girth would have had that mouse in a heartbeat. She may be big... but she can attack with the best of them...

As for Jen - good call. Welcome - we're Teammies! Hooray!!! Now we can compare notes, groan about the hurt box, and celebrate our success! In the words of Elizabeth - welcome friend!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! 2008 is going to be SUPER SUPER SUPER!!! Looking forward to it, Kellye!
Jen H.

Mira Lelovic said...

Welcome to the team! You'll be very happy with your coaching, and you'll be AMAZED with the results it will get you!

Glad you caught the mouse. I am just as freaked out by stuff like that. Good thing there's a man in the house!