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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Trip to Dallas!

We had so much fun in Dallas, that I didn't get a chance to blog about it until now. :)

This was a particularly fun trip because we actually FLEW this time! After who knows how many 14+ hour drives from Atlanta to Dallas, TX, we wised up and caught an airplane there. 1:45 travel time beats 14+ hours every single day of the week! :)

Well because of this, this happened to be Cooper and Gracie's FIRST airplane ride! And boy, did they have fun!!

Then in Texas we did ALL SORTS of fun stuff!!

We played in Aunt Kellie's awesome pool!

We got all sorts of new clothes that our Grandma Ellen made for us. She even made clothes for Felicity (Gracie's American Girl Doll!)

We went out to eat at cool restaurants. Those that even had cool rides...

GIANT Bears!
And cool Doors and Accessories!

We went to Grandma Ellen's and Grandpa Ed's cabin where we got to....
Ride in the back of a truck! (One of Gracie's favorite parts :)

Go Fishing! Cooper caught TEN fish!
*Look at those big, strong muscles!

*Gracie lasted all of about 3 min. out there :)

Make Minnie a new Dress because she was brutalized by Aunt Jenni's dog :)

AND shot a BB gun!

Then we even went and ate at Medieval Times! The kids LOVED it of course!

It was lots of fun and now we're back to enjoying our summer full of sun, pools, fun, oh... and Ironman training if I can squeeze it in! ha! :)
Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FREE Shoe Give Away!

Hey Guys!!

I got an invitation to go online and register to win a FREE pair of shoes from onlineshoes.com
and you guys can go online and register to win too! I actually order my Saucony's from them A LOT, and have always been happy, so it should be a great deal!

All you have to do is go to one of my blogger friends websites: Steve's! You know, the really funny guy from way up North where it's really cold! :) http://iwannagetphysical.blogspot.com/

Post a comment, and you're in! Good luck everyone!

Oh, and I'm in the land where everything is BIGGER! Texas! So I'll update more later. :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Lucy Lu!

Today is Lucy Lu's designated Birthday!

It is designated because technically we don't really know when her birthday is. But, since she was found on December 12th and claimed to be 6 months old at the time, we decided that her birthday shall hence be June 12th!

She's definitely been A LOT of dog to handle! :) Much bigger than we expected her to be, yet she thinks that she is a lap dog!

BIG puppies can get in a lot of trouble. Think... "Beethoven", "Marley and Me." Yep... I am definitely her saving grace, because if it were up to Adam, she may have been on family #3 by now. But I LOVE her! And honestly, I think he loves her too even though he would never admit it. :)

So despite the chewed up shoes...

The holes she is digging in the backyard...

This is her hole she is digging in an attempt to get to her next door neighbor friend Delila!

The stair she ate. YES, she is eating the carpet on our stairs and the carpet man is coming tomorrow to repair it!

The numerous times Adam has fixed the molding from where she's chewn it up...

And all of the other little things she's done over the past 6 months... :)

I love her with all of my heart!

So Happy Birthday big girl! :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Just a Normal, Perfectly Normal, kind of day!

For the most part, life is generally so busy that I hate dealing with the laundry, dinner and all of those other must-do tasks that constantly need attention yet you never seem to have enough time for.

But... ever so often I find myself actually enjoying some of those things. Because some times it is nice to put all of those other crazy parts of life aside and do those simple tasks. They require very little thought. You can just zone out, turn on some mind-numbing t.v. show and fold away. :)

That was my kind of day, and I honestly found myself just soaking it up. :)

My pneumonia finally seemed to go away, and life has settled down quite a bit.

School has ended. No teaching for the moment, no homework, no early mornings. It's been nice. :)

Adam and I even got away for a long weekend to Hilton Head. Ahh! Our first time there, and what a beautiful place! I brought my bike, because this place is supposed to be like biker's paradise, and yes... people were biking everywhere. But at that leisurely I'm on vacation pace. :) I was doing some workouts you know where my hr was supposed to be X, etc. and therefore stuck to the road. But then I actually got pulled over by the police on my bike! Yep, no biking on the streets in Hilton Head. I was like... ok... thank goodness I only had 5 more minutes to go in my workout anyways. So I hopped on the bike path and toodled my way back to my hotel like all the rest of the "normal" people. :)

Lauren and I went to a No Doubt concert, which was a ton of fun!
So today, instead of being a teacher/coach/mom/wife/housewife/dog owner/lord knows what else (ha!), I played mom/housewife today. My day consisted of...

Laundry, Laundry, and more Laundry!

Actually baking dessert! Mississippi Mud Pie! Hmmm!! With all the sugary, buttery, marshmallowy goodness I could squeeze in!
Gracie seeing how many of those delicious marshmallows she could shove into that HUGE mouth! :)
I took my kids to the pool, and then sat in a chair on my back porch cherishing summer and all it has to offer afterwards!

It was the PERFECT normal day! And even those can be exhausting sometimes! :)
Happy Summer!